Animal Science Marketing Executive (12-month Contract)


About Chanelle Pharma:

As an Animal Science Marketing Executive, your role will be vital in the management and promotion of our large animal product portfolio. This maternity leave contract position provides an excellent opportunity for someone with an agricultural degree or farming experience to make a significant impact in the pharmaceutical industry. You will work closely with our marketing team and have the chance to learn and develop your skills while contributing to the success of our company.


Large Animal Portfolio Management:

Develop a deep understanding of the company’s large animal product portfolio, which includes solutions designed for the agricultural and veterinary sectors. Work closely with senior marketing professionals to create and implement strategies for promoting and selling these products.


Marketing Strategy:

Collaborate with the marketing team to design and execute marketing strategies tailored to the unique requirements of the agricultural and veterinary industries.

Contribute to the creation of marketing materials, including brochures, digital content, and promotional campaigns that effectively communicate the benefits of large animal products to the target audience.


Data Analysis:

Regularly collect and analyse data related to product performance, market dynamics, and customer feedback.

Use this analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and to recommend adjustments or improvements.



Ensure that all marketing activities and materials adhere to relevant regulations, industry standards, and ethical guidelines.

Stay updated on industry regulations and guidelines to ensure full compliance in all marketing efforts. Compliance training will be provided.


Cross-Functional Collaboration:

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including sales, product development, and regulatory affairs, to ensure alignment and consistency in messaging and product strategy.

Participate in team meetings and provide valuable insights from a marketing perspective.



Prepare regular reports on the performance of large animal product lines, summarizing key metrics, achievements, and areas for improvement. Present findings and recommendations to senior management.


Market Research:

Conduct thorough market research to identify and monitor trends, customer preferences, and competitive activities within the large animal healthcare sector. Analyse data and insights to make data-driven decisions that will inform marketing strategies and product development.


Training and Development:

Participate in training programs and workshops to further enhance knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical marketing, especially in the context of large animal healthcare.


• An agricultural degree or relevant farming experience is essential.

• Strong interest in and knowledge of the agricultural and veterinary sectors.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to work well in a team and independently.

• A proactive and creative approach to problem-solving.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and marketing software is a plus.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Health & Safety requirements (e.g., Manual Handling Training)

  • VDU

WORK ENVIRONMENT: (e.g., Office, Production)

  • Hybrid


  • 08:30 – 17:00 (Monday – Thursday)
  • 08:30 – 16:00 (Friday)

Animal Science Marketing Executive (12-month Contract)

Reference No: J0558