At Chanelle, our in-house research and development capabilities are the cornerstone of our operations and continued growth. While we are a generic medicines provider, our commitment to innovation is comparable to brand leaders in the industry.

Chanelle’s R&D laboratories in Ireland and Jordan include more than 50 scientists who innovate every day to develop and licence products in the animal health market.

Our focus and commitment to R&D has allowed us to register over 2200 veterinary licenses in countries all over the world. Our R&D laboratories are coordinated by highly competent and qualified staff who continuously engage in research studies and experiments to develop effective medicines and ensure the efficacy of all our products.

The registration of any new product incorporates the generation of detailed pharmacological, toxicological, safety and efficacy data for the product. At Chanelle, we have an excellent registration team who have had consistent success in registering products all over the world.

Our R&D team manage a full pipeline of innovations with active new therapies on Pain Management, Worm Control, Sedation, Respiratory and Anti Inflammatory, We continuously invest in new scientific technologies, enabling our research to be faster, more precise and more efficient.

Project Description: R&D initiatives in Chanelle are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020

Aims: To develop 3 new products/processes for the Veterinary & Human generic market aimed at establishing/ increasing R&D activity which will drive company development